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Wild Camping

Get in touch with your Wild Side and see Wadi Rum from a camel shepard's perspective. Wild Camping is the purest form of nomadic life and a great opportunity to listen to the silence of the desert. With bright stars shining above you, this option is also one of the greatest for long-exposure photography, all the while learning about Bedouin lifestyle and traditional cooking methods. What you can expect from Wild Camping is a nice bonfire next to the day's activity, a great sunset and an even better sunrise. You will be sleeping in a sleeping bag, with a Bedouin mattress underneath you. During the night you can partake in the cooking of a great tasting traditional (also vegan) bread called aboud. If you are tired of the hotel experience and want to get "out there", then this is your calling.

"The mountains are calling, I must go" - John Muir

Please note that the price is PER PERSON / PER NIGHT!
Also includes Zarb Dinner and Breakfast
40 JD
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