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Dining cave

In the Dining Cave, every meal becomes a journey of flavors, and every shared moment is etched with the warmth of the desert community.

Situated just around 100 meters away (2 minute walk) from both the Bedouin Cave and the Sunset Cave, this rustic enclave becomes the focal point for communal dining experiences.

The Dining Cave comes alive with the aroma of traditional Bedouin cuisine prepared by our skilled chef. The dinner and breakfast offerings are a sensory delight, embracing the time-honored culinary traditions that infuse each bite with the essence of the desert.


This intimate setting invites guests to share moments in the desert, fostering connections as tales of Bedouin stories and traditions unfold. 


Shower and bathroom facilities are located around 100 meters (two minute walk) from the Bedouin and Sunset Caves. They're simple, practical, and conveniently located for your use. We keep things easy and comfortable, so you can focus on enjoying your desert experience.

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