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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from guests about how to get to Wadi Rum, the best places to fly, the dress code, etc. So we decided to post these FAQs for all to see! If your question is not on this list, then send us a quick email through our CONTACT page.

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How do I get to Wadi Rum?

If you are outside of Jordan, the easier airport to fly into is Amman. From there you have many options.

For information about the logistics in Jordan, check out our logistics page.

***Please note that you will arrive at the visitor center, and will be required to pay 5 JD to enter the protected area. You can save money on this by buying the Jordan Pass. See below for details, very helpful!***

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What is the Jordan Pass and do I need it?

The Jordan Pass is a tourist package the country of Jordan offers which waives the 40 JD entrance fee into the country, the 5 JD entrance to Wadi Rum and the steep price to see Petra. It is NOT mandatory to purchase. It also includes 40 tourists attractions in total but requires that you stay in Jordan a minimum of 3 nights. Link is below for more information. MUST BUY BEFORE YOUR ENTRANCE TO JORDAN!


You can buy it on official site

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Is there a dress code for Wadi Rum?

There is no dress code, please come as you want. The only requirement is that you wear some clothes :).

We can arrange traditional Bedouin clothing for you, but most importantly you may want to pick up a leffe (kofia), a traditional Bedouin headdress, which will protect your face from the wind and sun. Also a leffe can be a useful item for all your camping, adventuring and traveling in the future.

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Can I add Add-Ons during my stay? Extending my stay?

This is completely based on how busy we are during the season and how much notice you give us before. We are always happy to accommodate you in whatever you may need or want, just give us a little notice and we should be able to help you. Unplanned fun is always the greatest surprise, and we love spontaneous adventure too.

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If I have dietary restrictions, will I be accommodated?

Although traditional Bedouin meals may consist of meat, we have many delicious vegetarian options as well! Vegans are also welcome. Please tell us in advance before your arrival. Arboud, is a delicious vegan bread that we would be happy to teach you how to make.

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How is the weather? What should I pack?

The desert can get very hot. However at night it cools off fast and can get a bit chilly. Even if you wish to come in the summer, please pack a light jacket, pants and extra socks if you plan on camping with us.

Mohammad's packing list:

  • Clothes for both hot and mild temperatures (heavier clothes for winter)

  • Hat

  • Headlamp / Flashlight

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Lip balm

  • Water bottle

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When I leave, how can I get to my next destination?

We understand that traveling by public transit in a foreign country can be difficult. So we can arrange all means of transport to get you to your next destination if you do not have it already. Communication is the number one way to make the experience as easy as possible. So feel free to ask us any questions and we can do our best.

Is there ATM in the Village?

Unfortunately in our Wadi Rum village there's no ATM. The closest ATM is in the Visitors Center, so to pay us for extra activities or to buy something in local shops, you have to bring cash with you. 


Let's Work Together

Your experience matters the most to us. Feel free to ask us any questions by either phone or email on the CONTACT page.

Live local. Live adventurous. Live Rustic.

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