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Trekking Adventure

Trekking is a way for desert dwellers to be free. It is a mix of hiking, backpacking, parkour and even a little bouldering depending on the area. A lot of the longer hikes led to greater views and minimally traveled routes. With this option, the adventure can last all day.

We can guide you to the best hiking routs where you won't meet other people. You can go through the red desert, white desert and even outside the protected area, the southern part of Wadi Rum to the highest peaks of Jordan. We can explore the desert near the Saudi border which is wild and out of beaten tracks. If you are really into trekking you can spend here a week or more, having a new adventure everyday.

Contact us for more informations, so we can send you more detailed plan.

Gear to Bring




Water Bottle / Pouch


*Guides advise to do longer Treks*

Please note that the prices are PER PERSON!

Guided Trek - 35 JD / day
Guided Trek with Camping Options (includes food) - 70 JD / day
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