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Traditional Bedouin Camp

Live like a Bedouin nomad.

Our camp is designed to give you a RUSTIC feel while still being very comfort. Bedouins historically have developed camps that are made from wood, sheep wool carpeting and palm beds. Our camp in particular has bathrooms, showers and even a common cave that is used to socialize, eat and star-gaze. Most sheikh, the head of a Bedouin tribe, would like in a tent like this. So here you can live like a sheikh and a nomad in the same day!

Dinner is always prepared at camp and is a traditional meal called zarb. It is cooked under the sand and has vegetarian options as well.

This is just one of the many options of camping but is by far the most popular.

Our location is 18 km from the visitor center, out in the middle point between the Red and White Deserts. This is ideal for all activities, sightseeing and enjoying the quiet of the desert.

A wonderful time for anyone who wants a more comfortable yet traditional experience in Wadi Rum.

Please note that the price is PER PERSON / PER NIGHT!
Also includes Zarb Dinner and Breakfast

30 JD
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