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One day combo tour

With this Combo tour you will enjoy hiking to Hidden Springs as well as an exciting Jeep tour that will take you to the most amazing and notorious spots in the spectacular protected area. 

In short

Total distance of the route:

Hidden Springs hike: 

Afternoon jeep: 32.3 km

Hidden Springs: 4 hours

Afternoon Jeep: 4 hours
Start time: 9:00

Starting point: Wadi Rum Village or cave


The tour includes 8 locations, led by a professional local tour guide:

  • Hidden Springs

  • Lawrence Spring

  • Khazali Canyon

  • Um Frouth Rock Bridge

  • Sdad Ajag

  • Um Ghadah Sand Boarding

  • Um Alsamn Rock Bridge

  • Chicken Rock

Pricing per person:

1 person 170 JD
2-3 people 110 JD
4-6 people 95 JD

7 and more 80 JD

Trip Outline



Starting from Wadi Rum Village, you will trek across the desert plain into the mountain valleys. Following the dry waterbed, you will climb up the mountain and be amazed as the scenery changes minute by minute.


As you climb, you will see pictures of Wadi Rum like you never thought could exist. Moving into the areas with more plant life, you will climb quietly as you hope to catch a sight of the many elusive animals that hide among the rocks of the mountains. Rounding the cliff edge, you will be amazed at the sight of one of the hidden lush, green natural springs of the mountains. You will relax in the cool of the small oasis, taking in the fresh smells of the herbs that grow freely here.


The spring areas you will visit are treasured by the local Bedouin community.

For centuries these springs have provided water and hydration to this part of the Wadi Rum region, making it pivotal to the endurance of the locals, also benefited by those passing through trade routes and ancient travellers.

After a busy adventurous morning, you will have most certainly worked up an appetite, and this lunch will not disappoint. A traditional Bedouin lunch will be prepared by your local guide, from scratch and in the classic method. 


We will start the jeep tour by driving to the Lawrence Spring. The natural spring is named after the infamous T.E. Lawrence, who assisted the Arabs in their revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1916-1917. The spring sits in the shaded cliff side and to this day serves as an important watering hole for the local Bedouin community.

Following this, we will drive 4 km to the Khazali Canyon. Jebel Khazali opens to a geological fissure of only 100 mt in length, hosting decorated walls with an array of Thamudic, Nabatean and Islamic inscriptions. The likes of traders, pilgrims and locals from these periods would use the site as a resting spot, protecting themselves from the harsh heat of the desert. Inscriptions include animals, warriors and families, details that related to artists life. In the modern day, the site doesn’t just attract tourists, but is still used by those travelling across desert as a welcome heat relief.

Onwards, we’ll then drive 6.5 km to Um Frouth Rock Bridge. Rising over 15 metres from the desert floor, this magnificent natural bridge has become one of the most photographed places in the Wadi Rum (when you see it, you’ll understand why!). Although the small climb up is quite a scramble, the views from the top are stunning and a must see. Bedouin people are notorious for their climbing skills, so keep an eye on your guide who will scale the rock with ease. Do note that the climb is made much easier by the carved in foot and hand holes, so it’s really nothing to fear.

Then onto the Sdad Ajag. After a further 7 km drive, we will get to a water collection well. These are traditional Bedouin method of collecting rainwater, essential in the desert due to the infrequent rainfall schedule. The collected water is typically used for locals’ animals and herds, as they pass through the dry desert. What really makes this spot special is the incredible views of the white desert, red mountains and the Jebal Qajar. Remember your camera because you will most certainly need it here!

After another 6 km cross desert drive, we will get to the Um Ghadah Dune Range, where we will go sand boarding! With stunning views, this quiet boarding spot is perfect for an exciting rush! The magical red sands of the Wadi Rum mean you’re sure to get some awesome boarding pictures. Interestingly, there is much more friction on sand than snow, so do not be worried about not controlling your speed, and the sok sand makes it very safe.

Following a 3 km drive, we will visit Um Alsamn Rock Bridge. There are a few rock bridges around the Wadi Rum, however this one is different. A much smaller bridge than other well-known ones, this rock bridge is the perfect size to fit inside it. Standing as a natural archway, you’ll be able to touch all sides, making this another wonderful picture spot.

After this we will drive 2.5 km to Chicken Rock. Also known as Cow Rock, Chicken Rock is a natural rock formation, where due to erosion, it has two short legs and sits three metres high. Interestingly, the name disputed arisen due to personal interpretation from different angles of the rock. Viewed from the east, many claim the cow is visible, however from the west, the chicken image is prevalent. Although this is very subjective, the local Bedouin community call it Chicken Rock, and people typically say the chicken is clearer.

After you finished the tour and watched the most amazing sunset, you will be taken to the cave, a further 1 km drive, situated in the heart of the Desert. Surrounded by amazing landscapes, your guide will cook you a traditional Bedouin dinner, tell you tales of Wadi Rum while sitting around the fire and watching the sky full of stars.


All meals and drinks are provided by us: lunch, dinner, breakfast, water and tea and all the needed equipment for the tour and the camping.


Want to spend a night in the desert?

Experience sleeping in a cave in the Wadi Rum desert.

The best accommodation in the World with millions of stars!

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