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Jeep Tours

If sightseeing is one of your main interests in Wadi Rum, what better way to see as much as you can than from the top of a jeep. Our Jeep Tours offer adventurous 4x4 offroading and the option to get around the large area in a quicker manner than by camel. There are many parts of the desert, so let us explain the main options for the tours.

1. The Red Desert - offers canyons, arches, big sand dunes, springs and of course beautiful red rocks and sand everywhere you go.

2. The White Desert - beautiful photographic views, ancient inscriptions and bigger canyons than the Red Desert - less touristic and better for hikes as well.

3. "No Man's Land" (Saudi Arabian border) - an area that combines both large mountains and incredible cave gaps for a nice lunch with scenic views - this is the best place to hike, experience and feel the desert atmosphere.

The Jeep can also just simply be a method of going from one activity to another. Whether this is going from Jebel Rum to "No Man's Land" and a sunset at the White Desert, you can do it all.

We highly recommend taking your time in each section of the desert - no need to rush as there is quite a bit to see.

For this reason, we offer extended Jeep touring options for up to a 5 days!

Please note that the prices are PER PERSON!
Packed lunch is included in the pricing!

Half Day (around 4 hours) - 35 JD
Full Day (around 6 - 8 hours +) - 45 JD
1.5 Days - 80 JD
2 Days - 90 JD
3 Day - 5 Day Adventures - Email us

Additional Options
Cooked Lunch over a Campfire - 15 JD
Camel Tour (1-3 Hours) - Contact us

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