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3 days trekking 

Embark on an exhilarating 3-day adventure through the mesmerizing Wadi Rum desert! This unforgettable journey will take you from the heights of Jebel Qatar mountain, through the rugged beauty of Nogra Canyon, all the way to the pinnacle of Jordan - Um Addami. Get ready to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and rich experiences that await along this epic hiking trail.

In short

Duration: 3 days, 3 nights
Start time: 9:00

Starting point: Wadi Rum Village

KM and altitude profile

Day 1: 7km, ↑ 155m  ↓ 163m

Day 2: 17km, ↑ 427m ↓ 247m

Day 3: 10km, ↑ 623m, ↓ 409m

The tour includes


  • a professional local tour guide

  • 3 full guided days

  • 3 nights 

  • all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Pricing per person:

2 person  420 JD per person
3 people  360 JD per person
4 people  330 JD per person

5+ people  300 JD per person

Trip Outline


The trekking tour will incorporate many different features in order to make it the best experience for you. We have experienced guides who speak good English and will show you the best spots of the desert during your journey. The trip will have many different elements to it in order to give you an unique experience, we will visit springs, canyons, open deserts and more. You will also learn about Bedouin culture during you trip such as, games, plants, herbs and the best locations, which will enhance your experience. 


All of our hiking locations have been specifically chosen to limit the noise and sights of tourism for your trip. In this trip all meals are provided and you will have two tour guides, one for trekking and one to drive the jeep with your luggage, the food and equipment. You will be provided with high quality sleeping bags and all the equipment you will need for the hike.


For the first day of your trip we will leave wadi rum village in the morning and drive 4 km towards Jebel Qatar mountain where you will begin your hike. This is to avoid the crowded touristy area directly around the village. This spot has many great features for you to enjoy, including springs, ancient petroglyphs and an excellent view of both the white and red deserts.


You will be provided with a cooked lunch during the hike. The hike will be around 3 km into the mountain although we can extend this if you wish. We will then hike around 3 km to Wadi Rum Cave Camp where we will stay for the evening. Here you will enjoy a traditionally cooked bedouin meal, along with musical entertainment and traditional games. This is our main camping spot so you will be able to use showers and toilets but as there may be other guests there if you prefer not to do this then we can find a nomadic cave for you to stay in instead.


Your second day will start with breakfast in the cave before we begin the hike into the white desert towards Nogra Canyon. Here you will enjoy untouched scenery different to what you have experienced in the previous day, with wide open areas and large valleys. You will be provided with a cooked lunch once again. When you arrive at the Nogra Canyon you will get to experience the best spot in Wadi Rum to see the sunset before camping for the night in a nomadic cave in the canyon. In the evening you will eat the traditional Jordanian meal Mansaf. The hike during this day will be considerably longer, around 10-12 km.


On the third day, after breakfast, we will head towards the highest mountain in Jordan, Um Addami. When we reach the foothills of the mountain we will have lunch before climbing it. The trek to the mountain is around 6 km and to climb the mountain and then descend from it will take another 4 hours. If you wish to see sunset from the mountain peak you can or we can drive you to another location if you do not wish to descend in the dark. We will camp in another nomadic cave in the mountain in the evening and enjoy Magluba- Jordan’s most popular meal. On the fourth and final day we will eat breakfast before you will be transported by jeep back to the village where your experience will come to an end.


Want to spend a night in the desert?

Experience sleeping in a cave in the Wadi Rum desert.

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