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Canyon Tour
1 day hiking

For those looking to experience the hidden beauty of Wadi Rum, away from the tourist attractions, read on!


This tour is located in the White Desert, further than the Red Desert, away from the typical tourist’s sight-seeing spot.

In short

Duration: 8 hours
Start time: 9:00

Starting point: Wadi Rum Village

The tour includes

  • a professional local tour guide

  • locations

    • Rabat Canyon: hiking 2 km + jeep 2.6km

    • Jebel Um Ishrin Valley: hiking 2.0 km

    • Burrah Canyon: hiking 4.0 km + jeep 5.0 km

    • El Mahama Canyon: hiking 1.3 km + jeep 5.4 km

    • Khazali Canyon: hiking 1.0 km + jeep 5.7 km

    • Khazali Canyon to the Cave Camp: jeep 5.1 km

  • lunch, dinner and breakfast

  • overnight stay in our cave

Pricing per person:

1 person 190 JD
2-3 people 125 JD
4-6 people 100 JD

7+ people and more 85 JD

kids under 12 years 25% discount

Trip Outline


The meeting point for the tour is Wadi Rum Village. From there, we will drive down 2km to Rakabat Canyon.


This canyon is a great starting point to the tour, where we will see what the Wadi Rum has to offer. The rock formations along the route are very unique of the area, with the iconic red rock canyon walls lining the hike. The great views over parts of the desert and over the valley are very special, with Red Sand Desert at the finish point waiting for you.

The first half of the hike is an open pass and valley look over, whereas the second half is in a narrow gully, an interesting change in the environment. This hike is easily accessed however there are more technical elements to it, due to there not being a specific obvious route. It is highly advised to attempt this climb with a guide due to the navigation aspect of the adventure.

Next, we will move onto the Jebel Um Ishrin Canyon. Hiking this valley is a great opportunity to experience what the Wadi Rum is most known for. The steep red mountains around the reserve are internationally reccognisable, with many of the most well knows mountains lying in this specific valley. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom is included in this range, one of Wadi Rums most famous rock formations. Throughout the valley there are incredible views of the valleys that situate nearby, a great opportunity to see the full beauty of the reserve. This is a moderate to technical hike, however the views along the way and at the peaks are a worthy reward.

The arch at Jebel Burdah is one of the most famous spots in the Wadi Rum.

The views from the top really are special, however during the hike to the peak you will also see some rather spectacular views. Rock formations and changing rock colors due to the unique stone type will be on full display, a very interesting feature of the desert. The hike itself is an easy to moderate level, with scrambling elements towards the top to the hike, however the local Bedouin guide knows the best route making the ascend as straighsorward as possible, tailored to the group at the time. The higher you go the bejer the views, so it is most certainly worth the climb!

On to the next spot, the El Mahama Canyon. This canyon boasts some of the most spectacular natural environments in Jordan. The narrow canyon hosts greenery and wildlife that’s particularly rare in the desert as a result of the natural springs situated close by. The area includes granite, basalt, and sandstone rock types, making the walls of the canyon very unique in color and shape, a truly fantastic location to hike. Due to a combination of the rock type, vegetation and scenic views, this is a brilliant spot and one you’ll always remember.

Following this, we will visit Khazali Canyon. Jebel Khazali opens to a geological fissure of only 100 m in length, hosting decorated walls with an array of Thamudic, Nabatean and Islamic inscriptions. The likes of traders, pilgrims and locals from these periods would use the site as a resting spot, protecting themselves from the harsh heat of the desert. Inscriptions include animals, warriors and families, details that related to artists life. In the modern day, the site doesn’t just attract tourists, but is still used by those travelling across desert as a welcome heat relief.

After you finished the tour, we will drive 5.5 km to the cave, where we will watch the most amazing sunset, situated in the heart of the Desert. Surrounded by amazing landscapes, your guide will cook you a traditional Bedouin dinner, tell you tales of Wadi Rum while sitting around the fire and watching the sky full of stars.


All meals and drinks are provided by us: lunch, dinner, breakfast, water and tea and all the needed equipment for the tour and the camping.

Minimum elevation of Canyon Tour 1024m Maximum elevation is 1375m


Want to spend a night in the desert?

Experience sleeping in a cave in the Wadi Rum desert.

The best accommodation in the World with millions of stars!

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