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Cave Camping

Caves have been a home to humans for many many years. Ancient inscriptions and art work show how vital they were to survival and also how well they served as a hangout spot. In Wadi Rum, the cave is the art work. With a beautiful and unique shape, our cave is perfect to protect you from the elements and offer a nice rest. The cave is situated around a very nice scrambling area as well, perfect for a morning walk. What you can expect from cave camping is a very lovely view, a semi-wild experience but also still within a good comfort level. Mohammad can offer you a cooking class at this site and the making of aboud, a vegan Bedouin bread. So if you are ready to live like the Nabataens (people who built Petra) ask us about the opportunity of cave camping for at least one night of your stay!

Please note that the price is PER PERSON / PER NIGHT!
Also includes Zarb Dinner and Breakfast
35 JD
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