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3 days 3 nights Camel Tour

During the 3 Days Wadi Rum Camel tour you will discover the most remote places in the desert, the nomadic lifestyle and enjoy the silence of Wadi Rum.

Led by a local English speaking Bedouin professional guide, you’ll experience a camel ride in the desert.

In short

Total distance of the route: 32.3km
Duration: 8 hours
Start time: 9:00

Starting point: Wadi Rum Village or cave

The tour includes 9 locations, led by a professional local tour guide:

  • Nabataean Temple

  • Lawrence's Spring

  • Sand Dune

  • Khazali Canyon

  • Qajar Spring

  • White Desert tour

  • The Valley of the Moon

  • Cow Stone

  • Red Bridge in the White Desert

You will

  • help prepare the camel in the morning

  • try riding the camel alone

  • camel run


The tour include also camel for you and the guide, three nights in the cave and all meals (breakfast, traditional Bedouin lunch, dinner).

Pricing per person:

1 person 500 JD
2 people 345 JD
3 people 320 JD

4 people and more 300 JD

Trip Outline


Day 1

The tour will start from Wadi Rum Village and the first stop will be at the Nabataean temple just outside the village. This will take about 15 min.

From here we continue to Lawrence’s spring, which is about 30 minutes.

This is where the camels usually hydrate and there are also some Talmudic inscriptions. We dismount the camels and have the option to either relax under Wadi Rums biggest acacia tree, or to take a small hike.

The next stop will be the sand dune. This will take around an hour to reach on camelback. Here we hike to the top of the dune and enjoy the amazing view of some of Wadi Rums most beautiful mountains.

After the sand dune we continue to the Khazali Canyon. This will take around 20 minutes to reach. This is one of the most packed places with petroglyphs and is also a very beautiful mountain.

After the canyon, your guide will choose a nice spot for you to enjoy lunch in the shade and relax for a bit. The lunch will be prepared by the guide.

After resting you will be going to Qajar Spring and the trip will be around one hour long. The Qajar Spring is located a 10 min hike up in the mountains. Through a little crack in the rock, it is possible to enter inside the mountain. The spring is visible here and the view is phenomenal. This spot is not very crowded and has cute little palm and fig trees growing.

From Qajar Spring we will ride the camels toward the cave for around 1 hour which is where you will enjoy the sunset, eat traditional bedouin cuisine and sleep under the stars.


Day 2

You will start the day waking up to an excellent view over the desert.

We will prepare a bedouin breakfast for you including traditional bread baked in the bonfire, called ‘harbut’. After eating we prepare and saddle the camels together. When everything is ready, we will go towards the White Desert.

The first stop is the Chicken Rock which is on the way to the White desert.

Here you will dismount the camel and maybe take some pictures. We continue onwards to the White Desert watching the sand change color gradually.


The guide will teach you how to ride the camel by yourself and you will all ride together.

The next stop in the White Desert is the stone arch Um Alsamin. You can climb the arch and take pictures here.

Then we will continue through the canyons of Um radar and enjoy the beautiful mountainside. Around here your guide will choose a fitting spot for lunch and prepare a cooked meal for you. You will relax in the shade and enjoy the views.

After lunch you will continue and pass by Harab Antar and go through the Swebet Valley until you arrive at The Daghdagh Viewpoint. This point provides incredible views over the vast valleys of the Wadi Sapet, and distant mountainous regions with Saudi Arabia visible in the distance. As another wonderful picture opportunity, the view here really doesn’t get much better.

After this you will go to where you shall sleep. This will be in the same area as you shall be sleeping deep in the desert.


Day 3


By morning you will eat traditional Bedouin breakfast and continue the camel tour. You will put on the saddle yourself and have it controlled by the guide.

This day you will be taught how to make the camel run, this will be a trot and very controlled.

You will pass by the Hdab Elreiah hills, and stop to see the thamutic inscriptions, on the way to the Noura Canyons.


The Noura Canyons are a truly remarkable view looking over numerous canyons. The contrasting geological rock formations and stone make up is evident at this spot, you’ll able to see the different colors and rock shapes as you look out at the impressive mountains and valleys. This spot really is one for the camera and a sight you will never forget, as you really do feel like you’re on top of the world!

From here you will head towards the lunch spot. Here you will enjoy your lunch in the shade and relax before continuing.
After eating you will stop by the Noura Bieer and see how the ancient Bedouins used to collect water in the desert.

Next you will pass by the Aserdan and Um Mongur mountains until you arrive at the Um Frouth Rock Bridge. Rising over 15 meters from the desert floor, this magnificent natural bridge has become one of the most photographed places in the Wadi Rum (when you see it, you’ll understand why!). Although the small climb up is quite a scramble, the views from the top are stunning and a must see. Bedouin people are notorious for their climbing skills, so keep an eye on your guide who will scale the rock with ease. Do note that the climb is made much easier by the carved in foot and hand holes, so it’s really nothing to fear.

From here you will go towards the sleeping spot in the wild where you will have Bedouin dinner and watch the sunset.

In the morning you will have breakfast and go back to the village by jeep, you will be back at around 9:30.


Want to spend a night in the desert?

Experience sleeping in a cave in the Wadi Rum desert.

The best accommodation in the World with millions of stars!

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