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Full Day Camel Tour

The Full Day Wadi Rum Camel tour will take you to the most amazing sights in the spectacular protected area in a slower way.

Led by a local English speaking Bedouin professional guide, you’ll experience a camel ride in the desert.

In short

Total distance of the route: 32.3km
Duration: 8 hours
Start time: 9:00

Starting point: Wadi Rum Village or cave

The tour includes 4 locations, led by a professional local tour guide:

  • Sand Dune

  • Khazali Canyon

  • Qattar Spring


The tour include also camel for you and the guide, a night in the cave and all meals (breakfast, traditional Bedouin lunch, dinner).

Pricing per person:

1 person 150 JD
2 people 110 JD
3 people 100 JD

4 people and more 90 JD

Trip Outline


The tour will start from Wadi Rum Village and first of all, our tour guides will explain to you the basics of how to ride and work with a camel so you feel safe and comfortable traveling with us.

The next stop will be the Sand dune. This will take around an hour to reach on camel back. Here we hike to the top of the dune and enjoy the amazing view of some of Wadi Rums most beautiful mountains. In total we would spend maybe 30 minutes exploring the Sand dune.

After the Sand dune we continue to the Khazali Canyon. This will take around 20 minutes to reach. In the Canyon you will see petroglyphs and ancient inscriptions. The time spent there would be approximately 45 minutes.

After the canyon, for about an hour we would ride camels towards a spot for you to enjoy lunch in the shade and relax for a bit. The traditional Bedouin lunch will be prepared by the guide. The lunch will consist of traditional bread 'harbut' that will be baked on fire in front of you, later mixed with yogurt, seasonings and oil. You will participate in making lunch to learn as much about Bedouin culture as possible. In total the lunch break would take around 2 hours. 

Since in the morning, you visited more touristy and popular places, for the afternoon our tour will take you to see some hidden gems of the desert. 

After resting you will be going to Qattar Spring and the trip will be around half hour long. The Qattar Spring is located a 10 min hike up in the mountains. Through a little crack in the rock, it is possible to enter inside the mountain. The spring is visible here and the view is phenomenal. This spot is not very crowded and has cute little palm and fig trees growing.

From Qattar Spring we will ride the camels toward the cave for around half an hour which is where you will enjoy the sunset, eat traditional Bedouin cuisine and sleep under the stars.

Optionally, if we would have extra time to spare, our tour guide could take you to see a view of the White desert before arriving to the cave for dinner, which would take extra 30 minutes.

You will start the day waking up to an excellent view over the desert.

We will prepare a bedouin breakfast for you including traditional bread baked in the bonfire, called ‘harbut’.


After eating you will be taken back to the village around 9.30.

Of course, it is possible to start the tour in the cave, the day after your arrival and finish at the Wadi Rum village in the evening.

If you will be staying an extra night, so we will be able to start and finish the tour in the cave, the journey will explore more deeper parts of the desert, since we will have more time. 


Want to spend a night in the desert?

Experience sleeping in a cave in the Wadi Rum desert.

The best accommodation in the World with millions of stars!

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