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Bedouin Cooking Class

Our authetic cuisine is quite different than most in the world. As Bedouins, we make all of our food from scratch and only use what we can find around Wadi Rum.

With this interactive, make it yourself Cooking Class, you will be a certified Bedouin chef. The three main dishes we will make require simple, yet ancient methods.

Step 1: The Fire

The fire is where we cook the majority of our food as it gives the food flavor. The first step to any Bedouin dish is a good fire. We will coach in ways to prepare a good fire and show you how the wood coals are essential for Bedouin cooking.

Step 2: Arboud

This is a traditional (also vegan) bread that we make on a flat dish of Aluminum. There are many methods to making this bread, but we will save that for the class.

Step 3: Mensah

A delicious mix of lemon, onions, olives and spices, this soup is one of the best dishes to have after a long day. Prepare a group dish of mensah for all to eat and then pour the mensah soup over the arboud to complete a Bedouin meal!

Other things to learn:

Bedouin Tea

Bedouin Coffee (fan favorite)

Then the easy part, ENJOY!

Please note that the prices are PER PERSON!
25 JD
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