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Two days one night combo tour

With this Combo tour you will enjoy a full day camel tour, visiting the main sights of Wadi rum. Secon day will consist of hiking to the Al-Hash mountain and an exciting Jeep tour that will take you to the south part of Wadi Rum.

In short


Full day camel tour: 8 hours

Al Hash Mountain: 4 hours

Afternoon jeep: 4 hours

Start time: 9:00

Starting point: Wadi Rum Village or cave


The tour includes 11 locations, led by a professional local tour guide:

  • Sand Dune

  • Khazali Canyon

  • Qattar Spring

  • Jabel Al-Hash

  • Hidden Springs

  • Nora canyon Viewpoint

  • Wadi Sabet 

  • Daghdagh Viewpoint

  • Um Ghadah Sandboarding

  • Um Alsamn Rock Bridge

  • Chicken Rock

Pricing per person:

1 person 270 JD
2-3 people 200 JD
4-6 people 180 JD

7 and more 160 JD

Trip Outline



The tour will start from Wadi Rum Village and first of all, our tour guides will explain to you the basics of how to ride and work with a camel so you feel safe and comfortable traveling with us.

The next stop will be the Sand dune. This will take around an hour to reach on camel back. Here we hike to the top of the dune and enjoy the amazing view of some of Wadi Rums most beautiful mountains. In total we would spend maybe 30 minutes exploring the Sand dune.

After the Sand dune we continue to the Khazali Canyon. This will take around 20 minutes to reach. In the Canyon you will see petroglyphs and ancient inscriptions. The time spent there would be approximately 45 minutes.

After the canyon, for about an hour we would ride camels towards a spot for you to enjoy lunch in the shade and relax for a bit. The traditional Bedouin lunch will be prepared by the guide. The lunch will consist of traditional bread 'harbut' that will be baked on fire in front of you, later mixed with yogurt, seasonings and oil. You will participate in making lunch to learn as much about Bedouin culture as possible. In total the lunch break would take around 2 hours. 

Since in the morning, you visited more touristy and popular places, for the afternoon our tour will take you to see some hidden gems of the desert. 

After resting you will be going to Qattar Spring and the trip will be around half hour long. The Qattar Spring is located a 10 min hike up in the mountains. Through a little crack in the rock, it is possible to enter inside the mountain. The spring is visible here and the view is phenomenal. This spot is not very crowded and has cute little palm and fig trees growing.

From Qattar Spring we will ride the camels toward the cave for around half an hour which is where you will enjoy the sunset, eat traditional Bedouin cuisine and sleep under the stars.

Optionally, if we would have extra time to spare, our tour guide could take you to see a view of the White desert before arriving to the cave for dinner, which would take extra 30 minutes.

You will start the day waking up to an excellent view over the desert.

We will prepare a bedouin breakfast for you including traditional bread baked in the bonfire, called ‘harbut’.


The day hike begins with a scenic drive to Jebel Al-Hash. Hiking will start with a gentle incline up the side of a rocky mountain. At the top you will see spectacular views of Wadi Sabid, with Saudi Arabia visible in the distance. The next hour you will spend walking along the ridge, admiring the view. 

After descending back to the valley, you will have most certainly worked up an appetite, and this lunch will not disappoint. A traditional Bedouin lunch will be prepared by your local guide, from scratch and in the classic method. 

The first stop with our jeep tour will be the Nuora Canyon Viewpoint, a truly remarkable view looking over numerous canyons. The contrasting geological rock formations and stone make up is evident at this spot, you’ll able to see the different colours and rock shapes as you look out at the impressive mountains and valleys. This spot really is one for the camera and a sight you will never forget, as you really do feel like you’re on top of the world!

Next stop, Wadi Sabet inscriptions, a further 4 km drive. The inscriptions dating back to the Thamudic era give us a glimpse into the lives of those who lived centuries ago. Clearly visible and distinct, the inscriptions relate to the people’s lives, with animal engravings in a hidden site on red rock. Due to Wadi Sabet being in the baren and vast white desert, the lack of shade makes it a hard place to live, however the loca5on was an important road through the ancient region. This glance into the distant Thamudic Kingdom is a sight that can’t be missed.

After a short 3 km drive, we will arrive at the Daghdagh Viewpoint. This point provides incredible views over the vast valleys of the Wadi Sapet, and distant mountainous regions with Saudi Arabia visible in the distance. As another wonderful picture opportunity, the view here really doesn’t get much better.

On to Um Ghadah Dune Range to go sandboarding! We will arrive at the location after a 10 km drive, get the board out, and get riding. This quiet boarding spot is perfect for an exciting rush! The magical red sands of the Wadi Rum mean you’re sure to get some awesome boarding pictures. Interestingly, there is much more friction on sand than snow so do not be worried about not controlling your speed, and the sok sand makes it very safe.

Following a 3 km drive, we will visit Um Alsamn Rock Bridge. There are a few rock bridges around the Wadi Rum, however this one is different. A much smaller bridge than other well-known ones, this rock bridge is the perfect size to fit inside it. Standing as a natural archway, you’ll be able to touch all sides, it’s a pretty awesome spot.

After this we will drive 2.5 km to Chicken Rock. Also known as Cow Rock, Chicken Rock is a natural rock formation, where due to erosion, it has two short legs and sits three metres high. Interestingly, the name disputed arisen due to personal interpretation from different angles of the rock. Viewed from the east, many claim the cow is visible, however from the west, the chicken image is prevalent. Although this is very subjective, the local Bedouin community call it Chicken Rock, and people typically say the chicken is clearer.


All meals and drinks are provided by us: lunch, dinner, breakfast, water and tea and all the needed equipment for the tour and the camping.


Want to spend a night in the desert?

Experience sleeping in a cave in the Wadi Rum desert.

The best accommodation in the World with millions of stars!

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